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Handwoven 'Copper Rose' Silk Scarf detailed view

Handwoven 'Copper Rose' Silk Scarf

Made with the finest silk yarns, this scarf has a hand-dyed warp. Using a dip-dyed and resist technique, allowing colours to remain distinct in some areas and to merge in others, an unrepeatable complexity of tones is achieved. In varying shades of chestnut and soft pinks giving a copper sheen, the warp is crossed with a rose pink hand-dyed weft, creating a iridescence shimmer as the textile drapes and moves.


This piece, made from 100% silk at 32 ends (threads) per inch, is individually designed and has been exquisitely woven on a traditional 8 shaft floor loom, resulting in a soft, luxurious, sumptuously coloured silk textile. Every scarf is finished with hand hemstitching, a fringe and a “Jaine Mahon” label.


Your scarf will be a unique work of art. It will be beautifully packaged in a “Jaine Mahon Handwoven Silk from Skye” gift box and sent first class. As with every precious purchase, the package will need to be signed for.


Approximate scarf measurements:
Length: 180cm/72" plus 2.5cm/1" fringes
Width: 24cm / 9.5″

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