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‘Hydrangea’ Arashi Shibori Wrap on Mannequin

‘Hydrangea’ Arashi Shibori Wrap

This elegant 66% silk 33% fine merino wrap is individually handmade using the Japanese Arashi Shibori technique.  Under dyed in rich blues and turquoise, pleated, then over dyed in burgundy, plum and chestnut, the resulting  'Hydrangea' Arashi Shibori wrap is vary-coloured and utterly unique. Depending on how the scarf is worn, the pleats open or close, creating an ever-changing interplay of colour and making for an extremely versatile and beautiful accessory.


This large stole can be folded in different ways, spread out or bunched up to make a dramatic statement piece or simply wrapped around to snuggle into.


Your scarf is a unique work of art. It will be beautifully packaged in a “Jaine Mahon Handwoven Silk from Skye” gift box and sent first class. As with every precious purchase, the package is sent special delivery and is tracked.



This colourway can be pre-ordered and will take up to 3 weeks to create.  Please note the colour patterning will vary in each piece but the overall effect will be similar to that in the photo.


Approximate scarf measurements pleated:
Length: 180cm / 70

Width: 120cm /48
(200cm x 150cm – 78″ x 60″ before pleating)


Please note, Arashi Shibori pleats are semi-permanent. The scarves will retain their pleats permanently unless washed. Please dry clean only and request your dry cleaner retain the pleats in the cleaning process. Store coiled in the gift box to ensure the pleats are not squashed.




Arashi Shibori is the Japanese art of pleating and resist dyeing fabric on a pole.


The silk/wool fabric is first dyed in a ground colour to give a base tone to the scarf. Ironed dry, the fabric is carefully folded before being bound around a pole or tube. The bound fabric is then tightly scrunched up the pole to create semi-permanent pleats and over-dying is applied in contrasting tones. Finally, still on the pole, the fabric is steamed to set the dyes and pleats. Each scarf can take up to a week to dry before its unique colouration is revealed. This multi-stage method of dyeing creates rich and complex colours which glow as the contours of the pleats catch the light.

    Ready to be shipped in two weeks
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