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'Night Lights' pixels design handwoven hand dyed silk scarf full view

'Night Lights' pixels design handwoven hand dyed silk scarf

Made with the finest hand-dyed silk yarns, this scarf, with its dark background and 2 coloured weft of black and navy, shows off the night lights of purple and pink incorporated using a supplementary warp technique. The two colour background and weave structure give a basket weave look to the scarf.


This piece, made from 100% silk, is individually designed and cannot be replicated. Meticulously woven at 40 ends (threads) per inch in 2/2 twill background on a traditional 8 shaft floor loom, the result is a luxurious silk textile, sumptuously coloured and exquisitely made. Every scarf is finished with hand hemstitching, a fringe and a "Jaine Mahon” label.


Your scarf is a unique work of art. It will be beautifully packaged in a “Jaine Mahon Handwoven Silk from Skye” gift box and sent first class. As with every precious purchase, the package will need to be signed for.


Approximate scarf measurements:
Length: 180cm/72" plus 2.5cm/1" fringes
Width: 21cm / 8.25″

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